At Edward Jenny & Associates, we specialize in using powerful assessment tools to help answer your questions. Rather than using a traditional top-down, diagnostic approach, we collaborate with you from the outset to understand your questions and develop a customized assessment designed to answer your questions. Collaborative Assessment is a proven, powerful method that often leads to rapid and profound change. Collaborative Assessment can be empowering for those seeking to better understand themselves.

It can be difficult for parents to navigate the high-energy, distractible world of a child suspected of having ADHD. ADHD assessment seeks to understand your child’s attention span, impulsivity, and behavior patterns through a series of structured evaluations and observations.

Is this just a phase, or is it something more? ADHD testing clarifies things. The results of determining whether or not your child has ADHD, and to what extent, can guide tailored interventions, strategies, and, in some cases, treatments to help them thrive. Understanding is more important than labelling. You’ll be better equipped to support and champion your child’s unique journey with ADHD testing, ensuring they harness their energy and potential in the most productive ways.

Every child communicates, behaves, and interacts in their own unique way. When these patterns appear to be significantly different from their peers, autism testing can provide a clearer picture. This thorough evaluation dives deep into a child’s communication abilities, social interactions, repetitive behaviors, and other characteristic signs associated with autism spectrum disorders.

Determining the presence and extent of autism does is not to label any child, but rather to identify strengths and areas where additional support may be beneficial. Parents and carers can access targeted interventions, therapies, and strategies with the clarity provided by autism testing, ensuring the child receives the understanding and guidance they require to shine brightly in their own unique way.

Protecting the public is an important job. We are proud to support future public safety officers in obtaining certification under the Act 235 Lethal Weapons and Act 120 Municipal Police Statutes. We want to make these evaluations affordable and efficient while at the same time ensuring that the candidate is a good fit for the job.

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