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Collaborative Assessment

Understand yourself better, form deeper connections, and identify the action steps that will produce rapid and profound change in your life.

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Get To The Root
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Reduce Shame
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Deeper Connections

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Why am I like this?

When you repeat patterns or behaviors that are confusing – even to you – it can leave you feeling frustrated and unsure about how to make change that lasts.

Collaborative Assessment can help you uncover the insights you need to bring your life together in a way you’ve always desired.


What Is Collaborative Assessment?

Collaborative Assessment uses different assessment methods to answer questions you have about yourself and your relationships. It is a proven, powerful method for those seeking to better understand themselves and make lasting change.

What is the mission of this type of assessment process?


You and your therapist work as partners throughout the process.


Together you explore and discuss your experiences and perspectives.


Your therapist openly shares thoughts and interpretations with you.

To help you see your best future more clearly.


How Does Collaborative Assessment Work?

Develop Questions

We gather information to understand your history, strengths, challenges, and situation.

What are you interested in knowing about yourself and your relationships?

What has been holding you back?

What are you curious about?

Testing Sessions

Based on your questions we develop a customized set of assessments to answer your questions. 

We use the best assessments suited to your goals and needs.

Intervention Sessions

Using data from the assessments as a jumping off point, we bring the dilemmas of change – the areas where you’re getting stuck – into the room in order to raise awareness and find alternatives.

Discussion Sessions

Next we pull all of the data together and provide you with customized feedback based on the results.

During this phase, you will have the opportunity to share your experiences during the assessment.

Personalized Letter

We use an informal, personalized letter summarizing our work and making recommendations.

This approach emphasizes the idea that you are the expert on your own life, and the therapist's role is to facilitate understanding and growth through partnership.

Curious about how Collaborative Assessment can help you?

Real-life example of the changes that can happen.

Dr. Jenny speaks about what it looks like, and how it can help you.


Why Edward Jenny & Associates

Edward B. (Ned) Jenny, Licensed Psychologist, Psy.D. M.Ed. BA., Edward Jenny & Associates Psychologists in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Edward B. Jenny


Psy.D Licensed Psychologist

Research has repeatedly shown that feeling understood by your therapist is the most important element to success in therapy. At Edward Jenny and Associates, we prioritize building that foundation with every client.

It’s about the relationship.

What makes us different?

We believe therapy and assessments go hand-in-hand to provide the safest, fastest way to help you move forward.

When it comes to therapists, there are many options to choose from. The most important aspect is that you feel safe and comfortable with the therapist you choose.

We are ready when you are.


Questions About Collaborative Assessment

Can collaborative assessment help me?

Collaborative assessment can be a valuable tool in understanding your unique challenges and paving the way for effective therapy. They provide a deeper insight into your situation, which can guide the therapy process to be more tailored to your specific needs. By working together with your therapist through collaborative assessment, you can identify and address the root causes of your concerns more effectively.

Collaborative assessment can shed light on the underlying causes of your depression or anxiety, helping your therapist develop a targeted treatment plan. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of your condition through assessments, you can work together to implement strategies and interventions that are more likely to bring relief and improvement.

Collaborative assessment can explore your past experiences, communication patterns, and emotional triggers within relationships. By uncovering these factors, you and your therapist can identify and address the issues that may be causing difficulties in your relationships. Collaborative assessment helps create a roadmap for improving interpersonal dynamics.

Collaborative assessments can be a game-changer in cases where traditional therapy may not have provided the expected results. They offer a fresh perspective, allowing you and your therapist to pinpoint what might have been missed previously. By understanding your unique needs and challenges better, you can work together to adjust your therapy approach for more effective results.

Absolutely. Collaborative assessments are a crucial part of our approach to therapy. They enable us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your situation, which in turn allows us to offer targeted and effective support. Together, we’ll work towards helping you achieve your goals, whether it’s managing anxiety, overcoming depression, improving relationships, or addressing other concerns you may have. Your well-being is our priority, and we’re here to assist you on your journey to a happier and healthier life.


What Can You Expect From Collaborative Assessment?

Therapy can sometimes bring up unexpected feelings as we explore new ways for you to cope and connect with yourself. With the right therapist, you may start feeling improvements within weeks; however, everyone’s journey is different. Some find growth in a few months, while others take longer to feel better. Some of the improvements you can see over time include:

A deeper understanding of yourself and your challenges

The ability to move past the shame of past experiences

Improved insight in every area of your life

A renewed sense of purpose, motivation and direction

Increased resilience to face challenges with courage and wisdom.

An increased sense of self-worth and contentment

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Helping you understand yourself and feel better.

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Helping you understand yourself and feel better.