How to Prevent Burnout and Feeling Stuck

Frustrated white woman overwhelmed and burnout from work sitting by her laptop holding her head in Pennsylvania.

Man with head in hands. If you're ready for a change, our online therapists in Pennsylvania can help. If you're feeling stuck, we can help you. Call now and begin our anxiety treatment and anxiety support group today!Not many people get through life without experiencing burnout and feeling stuck at some point. Whether it’s from working more than one job, taking care of a sick loved one, or juggling family life while going back to school, burnout is real, and it negatively impacts your life and health.

Common Signs of Burnout and Feeling Stuck

If you think you may be experiencing burnout but are unsure, here are some of the most common signs:

  • Physical and mental exhaustion
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • A need to isolate
  • Fantasies of escaping
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Frequent illnesses such as colds and flues
  • Depression

5 Ways to Prevent Burnout and Feeling StuckBlack woman with head in hands. Feeling stuck is a place we don't want to be. Anxiety treatment or an anxiety support group in Pennsylvania can help. Learn about online therapy and group therapy and get support today!


You know exercise is necessary for your physical health, but it is also fantastic for your mental and emotional health as well. Physical activity helps our bodies secrete feel-good hormones, which give our mood a boost. So be sure to commit to exercising at least 3-4 times a week.

Get Enough Rest

It’s essential to get enough restorative sleep each night. Sleep not only helps our bodies build and repair new tissue, but it helps us be able to feel calm and focused.

If you have trouble getting enough ZZZZZs each night, skip caffeinated beverages past 2 pm, ban smartphones and other electronics from the bedroom, and establish a relaxing nighttime ritual like meditation, reading, or taking a bath.

Validate Your Feelings

“Keep calm and carry on.” That’s fun saying for a throw pillow, but it’s not always the best advice. Sometimes it’s important to admit that you are struggling and that you need a break.

Remember to Play

Just because you’re an adult, that doesn’t mean you don’t need some downtime to just have fun. Whether you want to play a sport, enjoy a hobby, or go to the theater, be sure to make time each week to enjoy yourself and your life.

Ask for Help 

During stressful times, it’s important to reach out to others for help. Sometimes all we need is a friendly ear to listen to what’s on our minds and hearts. Let your friends and family know you could use a little support.

If your stress levels don’t seem to go down, you may want to consider working with a counselor who can help you navigate your feelings and offer coping strategies to deal with the issues you have going on.

If you’d like to speak with someone like an online therapist, we can help. Please reach out and get support!


Woman in yellow sitting on ground. Its time for a change. If you're feeling stuck, our online therapists can help. Begin anxiety treatment, individual therapy, collaborative assessments, or an anxiety support group. Call now and begin to move forward!

Need more support? See how individual therapy or an anxiety support group in Pennsylvania can help!

Getting support is not a sign of weakness or failure. If you are feeling stuck or in need of additional support, we can help. We offer collaborative assessments, individual therapy, and an anxiety support group. If you’re ready to get started, learn more about Edward Jenny and Associates, contact us at (610)-444-6089. Our Kennett Square counseling center has caring depression therapists. To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:

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Other Counseling Services at Edward Jenny & Associates

Sometimes all we need is community and people to help us with our mental health. Group therapy and an anxiety support group can help. We do this in order to build helping coping tools for the future. However, if you’re looking for additional services at our Kennett Square counseling center, we can help you. Other mental health services Edward Jenny & Associates provides include psychotherapy for families, adolescents, college students, and adults, depression, anxiety support groups, attachment issues, ADHD, in-person and telehealth collaborative assessmentsupervision, consultation, PTSD treatment, and trauma therapy. When you’re ready, reach out!

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