Cassandra Parrish

Post Doctoral Fellow

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Areas Of Focus

I truly believe that relational struggles deserve a relational approach. Therefore, my approach encompasses a range of therapeutic modalities, including an overall Psychodynamic Approach, with utilization of techniques from Attachment-focused interventions, polyvagal theory, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Relational Psychotherapy, which are trauma informed. I tailor my therapeutic approach to meet the unique needs and complexities that are considerate of who you are and what brings you in.

My clinical focus extends to individual counseling, addressing a variety of concerns such as interpersonal communication difficulties, complex relationships, challenges related to romantic relationships and parenting, and adjustments to significant life transitions, particularly motherhood and ante- and post-natal periods. My approach to understanding symptoms and changing patterns combines contemporary neuroscience with the consideration of our past and present attachment relationships. Relational neuroscience tells us that relational struggles come to us out of our genes, our lived experience, and from our past. Most times, major life transitions – such as entering parenthood or becoming a new mother – kick-up old thoughts and feelings that make regulation and management of past memories difficult. Coping with difficult births, finding it difficult to find your footing in your new life role/s, and feeling overwhelmed by stress are natural parts to life that can be extra challenging when added pressures come into play. These are valid experiences and often many of my clients seek assistance with better understanding themselves to feel more empowered to navigate varying levels of life stress. Additionally, I possess extensive experience in treating psychological trauma and attachment difficulties, which can often make these journeys feel more heavy. Some areas I can offer support include unresolved traumatic events, everyday life stress, and challenges with interpersonal relationships. Together, we will warmly and thoughtfully focus on your present life, past and present relationship experiences and discover deep patterns that inform your behavior. As we slowly unpack your experience, layer after layer, you will begin to find new clarity, symptom reprieve, and freedom. You will find that you achieve your goals and gain compassionate understanding for yourself and others.

My specialization extends to the treatment of anxiety disorders, panic attacks, and depressive disorders. In addition to psychotherapy, I take a collaborative approach with clients to provide opportunities to utilize psychological assessments to help pinpoint areas of difficulty in an efficient manner to address what makes life so difficult for you. Together, we can use this information to foster targeted interventions that help you to feel more empowered, informed and competent to handle any psychosocial stressors. 

My commitment to ongoing professional development is persistent. I have completed training in various projective assessments and specialty areas of intervention, such as attachment and therapeutic assessment. I maintain active membership in several esteemed professional organizations, including the Society for Personality Assessment (SPA), The Therapeutic Assessment Institute (TAI), Pennsylvania Psychological Association (PPA) and the American Psychological Association (APA). Regular consultation and continuous training are integral to my clinical practice, ensuring that I consistently deliver the highest standard of care to my clients. Additionally, I am active in collaborating with colleagues to participate and present at local, national and international conferences.

As a committed clinician, I am characterized by my connection and warmth. I truly believe in the significance of human connection and the power to cultivate personal growth and effective change. Self-reflection, healing, and therapeutic growth are essential components of this journey that I am eager to work with you towards enhancing your quality of life and overall well-being. I invite you to reach out to discuss your unique situation and explore the possibilities of our collaboration.