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Shannon Gordy

Licensed Psychologist, Psy.D.

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It is normal and healthy for our bodies to engage in survival responses to keep us safe. However, these responses sometimes become patterns that can be impairing and prevent us from feeling joy, safety, and connection when threat is no longer present. We may begin to feel stuck or see that these patterns get in the way of relationships with others and parts of ourselves. This may also include living with feelings of shame and stories that do not serve in our best interests.

Shannon uses a holistic and collaborative approach to help individuals find the people, places, and things that make them feel safe and able to build healthy relationships with others and parts of themselves. Shannon joins with clients to develop healthy strategies for self and co-regulation. She does this by getting to the “nitty gritty” of what helps people thrive across many areas (sleep, sex, nutrition, communication, hobbies, learning, etc.)

In therapy Shannon creates a safe, welcoming, and comfortable environment that facilitates healing and growth. Shannon connects with her clients to create space to move past pain points and feelings of shame through curiosity, mindfulness, and compassion.

Dr. Gordy has a passion for helping individuals learn to better understand the relationship between their bodies and their stories. She believes we can find our way to safety and connection by actively listening to what the nervous system communicates and building healthy relationships with parts of ourselves and others. Dr. Gordy has a passion for helping individuals work through trauma, grief, and loss.

Dr. Gordy joins with her clients to offer a safe space to promote healing and growth. She utilizes a holistic and integrative approach to treatment to best meet her client’s needs. Specifically, Dr. Gordy incorporates elements of humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, dialectical behavioral, mindfulness-based, solution-focused, trauma-informed, interpersonal, and psychodynamic interventions into treatment. Dr. Gordy also utilizes psychoeducation and interventions from Polyvagal Theory to help clients become empowered in their bodies while minimizing feelings of shame. Additionally, Dr. Gordy enjoys conducting psychological assessments to help clients better understand their strengths and find support for areas of need.