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We have partnered with Mentaya to help our clients save money on therapy. Use the Mentaya calculator to check your benefits coverage. If you have questions about how to use this tool, please contact us.

A superbill is a statement of accounts that includes all the information such as diagnoses and procedure codes that insurance companies need in order to process a claim. We can provide this for you to submit to your insurance company or you can have our partners at Mentaya take care of it for you. We cannot guarantee all services will be reimbursed but many plans provide provisions for doing so.

Therapy without insurance benefits your mental health. At Edward Jenny & Associates, we no longer take insurance for online therapy.

Reason #1
First, participating on insurance panels involves accepting insurance company control over our treatment decisions. We believe that to best meet your needs we need to have maximum flexibility in our evidence-based treatment approaches. In short, insurance participation ties our hands in providing you the best possible care. Offering private pay insurance options allows us to give you the best support for your mental health.

Reason #2
Second, there are significant privacy concerns with participation on insurance panels. In order to bill insurance, we have to certify that the service is “medically necessary” and we have to provide information about you including a diagnosis. This information follows you and can later affect access to competitive life insurance rates, among other things. Offering therapy without insurance gives you more choice and freedom in the labels and diagnoses you may receive in online therapy in Pennsylvania!

Reason #3
Finally, much of what really makes our services stand out, our collaborative assessments, do not work with the medical procedure codes that bill insurance. What we offer is cutting edge and not well understood by commercial insurance. That is why providing therapy without insurance and collaborative assessment options offer more support for you!

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