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Psychotherapy for Adults

Offering therapy for anxiety, depression, adult ADHD, relationship challenges, PTSD and more.

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Manage Anxiety

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Improve Self-awareness

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Reduce Stress

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Sometimes life feels overwhelming.

Are you feeling anxious, confused, out of sorts, overwhelmed, or generally sad?

Do you find yourself procrastinating on simple tasks?

Do you feel like you end up in the same type of destructive or unhealthy relationships over & over again?

Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of your emotional responses?

We help you uncover the insights you need to navigate challenges you’re facing.


Why Is Psychotherapy Important?

Anxiety, overwhelm, loss, and confusion are all normal parts of life, and therapy should be as well. Talking about your problems with someone who is trained to curiously listen and compassionately advise you can be truly helpful in figuring out the parts of your life that don’t seem to fit.


Therapy is beneficial because so many of our problems stem from a lack of understanding of our minds and emotions, and in therapy, we can help you identify patterns in your thoughts and emotional responses. Knowing how to live is a skill, not an instinct – we can provide you with the tools and strategies to help you live yours well.

Psychotherapy help answer questions including:

Therapy provides many benefits and can include:


It allows you to delve deep into your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and helps you understand yourself better and identify patterns that might be causing stress.

Therapists provide tools and strategies for managing stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional challenges, enabling you to handle life’s ups and downs more effectively.

Psychotherapy offers a confidential space where you can express yourself openly without judgment or prior expectations of who you are. 

Instead of addressing surface-level symptoms, therapy seeks to identify and work on the root causes of issues, facilitating long-lasting change.

By understanding yourself better and developing improved communication and interpersonal skills, you can work toward fostering healthier relationships with family, friends, and partners.

Therapy can help you build resilience against future challenges, and teach you to face challenges with strength and wisdom.

People often leave therapy feeling empowered, with a renewed sense of control over their lives and the challenges they face. Our goal is that if you work with us, you will have the same experience!

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Why Edward Jenny & Associates

Edward B. (Ned) Jenny, Licensed Psychologist, Psy.D. M.Ed. BA., Edward Jenny & Associates Psychologists in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Edward B. Jenny


Psy.D Licensed Psychologist

Research has repeatedly shown that feeling understood by your therapist is the most important element to success in therapy. At Edward Jenny and Associates, we prioritize building that foundation with every client.

It’s about the relationship.

What makes us different?

We believe therapy and assessments go hand-in-hand to provide the safest, fastest way to help you move forward.

When it comes to therapists, there are many options to choose from. The most important aspect is that you feel safe and comfortable with the therapist you choose.

We are ready when you are.


How We Work With You

We help you see your best future more clearly.

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We start with building a connection that allows you to feel safe sharing your story. We want to understand who you are, your ambitions, goals and dreams and what challenges brought you to our door.

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By understanding the connection between what you think, how you feel and what’s holding you back, we can focus on specific strategies and interventions to meet your needs at a deeply individualized level.

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We check in with you throughout the process to get clear on what you are learning about yourself, what needs to be adjusted and what is working. We continue to provide the tools & support you need to help you feel happier and healthier

We help you see your best future more clearly.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is your approach different from previous therapy experiences?

Our work together is based on collaboration. When you come to us, you’re not just connecting with one person but a supportive team, all focused on understanding and helping you. Sometimes, to get a clearer picture, we might suggest certain tools or assessments. What makes our approach special is that we use some of the most advanced and unique tools, like Collaborative Assessment, the Rorschach, and the Adult Attachment Projective. It’s rare to find these methods elsewhere, but we believe they give us a deeper insight into your feelings and challenges. Our main goal is to help you truly understand yourself and navigate the changes you want to make.

Absolutely. Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness are common reasons people seek therapy. While these feelings can be overwhelming, therapy offers a space to explore, understand, and address them. Your therapist will provide the support, tools, and perspectives that can shed light on the darkest feelings. Many people find that with time, therapy can help them regain hope and a sense of control over their lives.

Mental health is an ongoing journey. Change takes time, effort, and patience because our behaviors, thoughts, and feelings are formed over time. Past traumas, deeply held beliefs, or coping mechanisms that once protected us but now hold us back may be at the root of our difficulties, and it can be difficult to confront these aspects of ourselves. Change and healing are, however, possible with perseverance, support, and the right tools.

Healing and getting better can be life-changing experiences. You might not feel the same way you did before certain events or challenges, but you can find new normalcy, happiness, or even growth after going through hard times. Therapy can help you get through this journey by helping you think about what you’ve been through and find a way forward that feels real and satisfying.


What Can You Expect?

Therapy can sometimes bring up unexpected feelings as we explore new ways for you to cope and connect with yourself. With the right therapist, you may start feeling improvements within weeks; however, everyone’s journey is different. Some find growth in a few months, while others take longer to feel better.

Enhanced self-awareness

leading to a deeper understanding of your emotions and thought patterns

Strengthened coping mechanisms

to better navigate life's ups and downs

Improved communication skills

fostering healthier relationships with loved ones and peers

A renewed sense of purpose

motivation and direction in personal and professional endeavors

Increased resilience

equipping you to face challenges with courage and wisdom

An increased sense of self-worth

encouraging confidence and contentment in your daily life

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Helping you navigate life’s challenges.

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Helping you navigate life’s challenges.