The Benefits of Online Therapy

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Living in the digital age has transformed the way we live our lives. In the world of psychology and therapy, the biggest change that has taken place is the development of online therapy. This practice has existed since video calling services first came out. But, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the rate at which this practice was normalized. In fact, nearly half of my career as a therapist has occurred since the pandemic began.

Early on, online therapy in Pennsylvania felt awkward and unnatural. Yet, as time passed the practice of online therapy appeared to have a lot of benefits for clients. Plus, it has felt much more natural for me as an online therapist. At Edward Jenny and Associates, we offer online therapy in Pennsylvania as well as opportunities for in-person therapy. For example. in the collaborative assessment process. With the practice of online therapy becoming so prevalent, I would like to take this opportunity to share my top five benefits to participating in therapy online.

Online Therapy is Convenient & Flexible

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As an online therapist, I recommend to clients that working to improve oneself and solve problems should be done when issues arise. Not when it is convenient. While this is true, convenience definitely helps. You are now able to engage in a more high-quality therapeutic experience than ever. The days of having to drive to a therapist’s office are over. Many clients have described to me the convenience of being able to take part in online therapy. This is because they can do a session from their own home. In addition to being convenient, the flexibility that telehealth provides clients is unmatched. Clients being able to do therapy right after getting home from work or school or right after dinner has increased access to care.

High Satisfaction

Clients who take part in online therapy in Pennsylvania report enjoying the experience. The practice of online therapy does not appear to impact the experience of the therapeutic relationship. relationship. This is something I can attest to through my work and through research. A study published in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy found that the experience of online therapy does not interfere with the development of a strong therapeutic relationship. Plus, it promotes client satisfaction with the experience of therapy.

Online Therapy Offers Safety

In many areas of the country, the weather is unpredictable and sometimes intense. Therefore, the issue of safety and travel can be a barrier for some clients. This becomes particularly relevant in the area of psychotherapy. Clients see their therapist for one hour per week at an agreed-upon time. This often means that, during times of severe weather, clients may not have been able to travel to see their therapist. This combined with full schedules of therapists and clients often means that appointments are missed. This results in unnecessary lapses in treatment. This is a problem that teletherapy can completely overcome. In situations where clients may have had to cancel due to safety concerns associated with travel, therapy can now go on because of the availability of online therapy in Pennsylvania.

Continuity of Care Couple sitting on couch with laptop. If you need support, or your loved one, online therapy in Pennsylvania is a great tool for you all to use. See if an online psychologist can help you with anxiety, depression treatment, a mental health assessment online and more. Email now for support!

I often work with young adult clients who are having problems in managing the responsibility and stress that comes with going to college. In the past, any therapeutic relationship would have to get put “on hold” while clients were away at college. This is unfortunate because for so many young adults college is a time and place of significant worry and stress. Furthermore, having to start and stop therapy with a therapist near home and a school counselor can be difficult. I have even spoken to clients who have come to the conclusion that, before the availability of online therapy, having no therapy at all was better. Coordinating between two counselors every few months was too exhausting.

Yet, now continuity of care can generally occur when clients are away from home for an extended period of time. The practice of online therapy has helped many. Individuals are able to maintain a meaningful relationship with a therapist. This is important through life changes and transitions. For me and my clients, this has been one of the ways that technology brings people closer together.

Online Therapy Offers Overall Accessibility 

Finally, the number one benefit of teletherapy is overall greater access to care for clients. Being able to do a video call from a phone or a computer has made it so that clients don’t even necessarily have to be home to engage in therapy. While confidentiality always needs to be considered, I have had meaningful therapy sessions with clients while they are walking around their neighborhood, sitting in a quiet area in a park, or going out to their car on a lunch break. The ability to get therapy wherever this is a cellular connection has significantly improved access to care for clients of all kinds. Being able to reach clients and meet their needs in an appropriate and convenient way gets to the heart of what is truly best about therapy. 

Are You Ready to Take A Chance with Online Therapy in Pennsylvania?

Making the decision to do online therapy can be intimidating. The idea of doing it online can feel unnerving and strange. While online therapy is not a perfect medium, I think the benefits outweigh the costs. In a world with the problem of so many people feeling stressed and disconnected, teletherapy offers a viable alternative to address these problems in an accessible and safe way. If you’re ready to take that chance, Edward Jenny and Associates in Pennsylvania can help. Talk with our skilled online therapists and begin getting the support you need. To gets started, follow these simple steps: 

To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:Man on laptop with cat laying on arm. Online therapy in Pennsylvania is safe, accessible, and convenient for individuals who need support. Call now and see how an online psychologist can help you!

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